Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a class for real estate brokers that is designed to educate brokers and agents on the unique needs and challenges of our military veterans and their families as they return from combat and war zones around the globe. This training is sponsored by the American Warrior Project, a 501C3 non-profit organization and is offered throughout the United States.

As promised, I found the training to live up to its charge to encourage, educate and inspire all of us to give back to our military veterans. As a real estate broker, I learned how important it is to understand the perspective of military personnel, their families and children as well as the unique challenges of returning veterans. These issues are difficult and complex. From how to transition from a military job to a civilian career and finding and qualifying to purchase a home are only two of the issues that, once resolved, add stability to military families.

We learned that moving frequently is a hazard of serving in the military and lends itself to a lack of emotional stability. It can and does increase stress and leads to separations, domestic violence and divorce. Many families are deeply scarred by the lack of predictability and stress of serving in military life.

This program was helpful in my understanding of the benefits and programs available to military veterans. Learning how to meet the critical needs of stable housing for veterans and how post-traumatic stress disorders can be eased with stable employment and housing was an eye opener.

I am proud to serve as a real estate broker with a more comprehensive understanding of how I and other brokers can serve veterans by helping them to find and successfully purchasing a new home. Learning about veteran’s home loans work and the types of loan programs for veterans was informative and helped me understand how to explain these programs to local military veterans.

You can join me in helping veterans by following my footsteps and get additional training at https://www.americanwarriorinitiative.com/ I’m honored to be called a “American Warrior Real Estate Professional”.

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