Life Options Networkreal estate agency vancouver wa

Prune Hill Realty cares about our community. Women and men often need support. Meeting the needs of their children is not easy. Crisis happens! Many find themselves without necessary personal items and housing. As a real estate company, we are concerned about these issues. We want our community healthy. Help with counseling too. Just knowing where to get help is critical. This is one of the strongest needs for people in transition. Life Options Network helps to meet the needs of our community. Life Options provides assistance to women and men who are in need of support while expecting a child or while raising their children. Many people find themselves short on resources for items such as diapers, cribs, children’s clothing, temporary housing assistance and counseling. Life Options Network is a non-profit established to meet many immediate needs. They also work with many other non-profits and government agencies to get resources. Meeting the needs of people in transformational periods of their lives is vital to any community.