Is There a Dimes Worth of Difference? Why Prune Hill Realty is a Great Choice.

People often ask me what the benefits are to list with an independent brokerage like Prune Hill Realty verses a larger name brand like Coldwell Banker, Windermere or Keller Williams. While these are great companies and our partners in the industry the answer is simple. The large franchise brands are well oiled machines with policies and practices governed by boards of directors and stockholders and huge real estate holding companies that own multiple brands. They spend a lot of money (the commissions you pay) on national and local advertising making the brand much more well known. There is an assumption that the bigger the company the better the service and likelihood that your listing will sell. This could not be further from the truth.

A small but localized independent brokerage is, more likely than not, a member of the same professional organizations that the large franchises belong. Organizations such as the National Association of Realtors, state and local associations and multiple listing services. The independents are required to achieve the same level of continuing education and are subject to the same regulatory and legal standards as the large franchise companies. Through Listhub, our listings are syndicated and populated into all the national and multinational web sites including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and Realtor.com.

So, what’s the difference?

The most important difference in working with Prune Hill Realty verses a large franchise is we are much more flexible in meeting the needs and requirements of our real estate clients. We strive to be friendly, efficient and available. Ongoing communication and support are critical and helps give the client a sense of security. We communicate even if there is nothing much to say because we know how complex and convoluted the real estate buying and selling process can be.

We know that being competent and staying informed is the larger difference. In addition, as an independent company, we can offer services the large franchise companies will not. In fact, they are so large in many cases that moving away from their preset practices is not realistically considered as it may upset the shareholders.

At Prune Hill Realty we can and do offer services to our clients both before and after the sale. For instance, Prune Hill Realty offers clients listing and buying through our firm access to interior designers to assist in staging a property for sale and redecorating to obtain the best result from prospective buyers. Clients who a are buying through our brokers also receive two hours of complimentary in-home design consultation to help them put the home in the shape they desire.

From paint colors to carpet, hardwoods and much, much more Prune Hill Realty clients not only receive complimentary design services but are provided access to builder prices on home redecorating materials through our strategic partnerships. But wait, there is more. We have partnerships (fully disclosed) with furniture wholesalers and retailers who will provide clients with discounted prices on a huge number of name brand furniture brands and interior wall and table art.

These services are provided in partnership with companies we work closely together with to help our real estate clients achieve the dream of owning a home and redecorating as they see fit.
At Prune Hill Realty, we understand your needs and are ready and able to provide the highest and best service available. We go the extra mile to meet your expectations and dreams. Call one of our friendly and professional brokers today and let us earn your business. We care about our local community and we care about you!