I’m a Mom of three. I’m a business owner and I LOVE the YMCA in Vancouver, Washington. Here is the deal. I wake up most days with a plethora of things to do, emails to read, kids to feed, laundry to fold and clients to answer texts from. I love my life! It is this crazy busy schedule that I tend to thrive in, but sometimes I need to do something for myself. Something that doesn’t drain my bank account and cost an arm and a leg for my kids to enjoy. So, when I was searching for just that, I landed upon the YMCA in Vancouver, Washington.

I know the YMCA is a non-profit. In fact, I helped them fundraise for their organization back in my days of development work about ten years ago, but now been directly impacted by their organization, I truly know how awesome they are at serving our local communities. This organization allows people to get fit in a state-of-the-art facility, who might not otherwise have the means. A family membership to the YMCA is $75.00 a month. That includes childcare! At the time I was looking for a gym membership, I realized childcare was often $5.00 per child at other gyms, that’s every time I went. With three kids, that added up fast and was not sustainable for our family in addition to a monthly membership fee.

Every day the YMCA is open, clients have two hours to themselves, Moms and Dads it’s amazing! Two hours to workout, do work, enjoy some time in the sauna, whatever you need to decompress, they have a huge facility full of weights, two large pools, two locker rooms, basketball courts, workout machines and a community room. Also, it’s clean and they really do have the most wonderful staff. I have taken almost every class they offer, and I have yet to be disappointed in the quality of every instructor.

Recently they added a class called Pound on Monday and Wednesday evenings for parents and kids. Its where you use drumsticks and hit them to the rhythm of music on your mat while you move and do everything from lunges to jumping jacks. (Does anyone else remember that scene from the show This Is Us where they reference this?) The instructor makes it fun and involves the kids in the teaching so that everyone can learn and feel engaged, while getting fit.

I am also impressed with how they help seniors. They offer classes focused on fitness for the elderly, nutritional information classes and they make sure that every person who comes into their facility feels welcome. These qualities are exactly what community is about, working with people of all ages and seasons of life is so important.

So, if you are in the search of an amazing gym in Clark County Washington, that is both affordable and offers everything you need to get fit, look no further. I don’t promote things I don’t believe in and I believe in the YMCA, their mission and their values. I hope more people experience what a great opportunity it is to be a member.