Living on the edge of Vancouver has some serious benefits. What I mean by the “edge” is just off of 99th street. There are newer developments, older neighborhoods, parks and just 8 minutes up the road is Battle Ground. In fact, the school district we ended up in was Battle Ground. I love our neighborhood; Wolf Creek Neighborhood is a plethora of homes built in the early 2000s. We have lived here for just about 6 months and we love it.

Every night you will see kids riding their bikes and people talking. There is a strong feeling of community and everyone tries to look out for each other. On the fourth of July there was no reason to leave for a large fireworks display. All you had to do was set a lawn chair on the sidewalk and wait. My kids got tired of waiting of course, so I drove up to the fireworks stand, spent a few dollars and provided them with some preliminary entertainment. I can remember the kids jumping and laughing at the sound of that first big firework going off. Then it seemed like an endless display of color in the sky. It truly took our breath away. We will likely never need to visit Fort Vancouver again for fireworks!

We met our babysitter in this neighborhood. She is awesome, three doors down from us and totally reliable. We also met a paint contractor, other parents, great kids for my kids to connect with and a wonderful park we can walk to just down the road. There is nothing more valuable than people and the time you get to spend with them. We love the culture of this neighborhood, the organized look of the streets and even the community page that you will find on the Wolf Creek page.

It is now turning to fall. Our neighbors are anticipating school beginning and you will likely have a neighbor or two over. I did this just yesterday with a neighbor friend who asked when we could get together just down the street! There is a warmth about this neighborhood. Of course, it has its challenges; sometimes you will see a stray dog or cat. These animals get posted online immediately for neighbors to find them. There might be some neighbors who enjoy some loud music at times but overall, this has been the best neighborhood we have lived in. There is no HOA.. feel free to own chickens! However, you will see mostly well-maintained lawns and houses.

If you want to go to the mall, just drive 10 minutes, if you want to go for a hike, just drive 10 minutes… if you want to go to an AMAZING local restaurant with some seriously competitive food… stop by Barrel Mountain Brewing in Battle Ground 10 minutes away! There is so much to love about this neighborhood and its location. As a mom of three and a busy realtor, I would not want to raise my kids anywhere else! It is a joy to come home.